sleep and immune system

I believe we all agree that sleep and immune system are closely related and sleep deprivation has negative effects on quality of life!

Sleep is essential for us, because it provides rest for the brain. In addition to that, sleep is crucial to recover the damage of the muscle tissue and recover the entire system for a lot better overall performance. This is wise practice!

When the restore period of damage isn't provided, it results in stress, hormone imbalances, impacts the thinking and reasoning capability and as a consequence decreases the capability of your body to enjoy a normal functioning. As a result, it has a damaging effect on the immunity or possibly a poor relationship - sleep and immune system.

I just read about two studies showing that Sleep loss is associated with increased obesity (a 13-year prospective study)

Hasler G, et al. The connection between short sleep period and being overweight in young adults: a 13-year prospective research. Sleep. 2004;27:661–666. [PubMed]

Taheri S, Lin L, Austin D, Young T, Mignot E. Brief sleep length is associated to decreased leptin, elevated ghrelin, and elevated body mass directory. PLoS Med. 2004;1:e62.

An additional and quite interesting research on sleep and immune system (but regarding vaccines) demonstrated that short periods of sleep at the time of vaccination reduce the vaccine’s effectiveness

Spiegel K, Sheridan JF, Van Cauter E. Impact of sleep deprival on reaction to immunization. JAMA. 2002;288:1471–1472. [PubMed]Lange TLange T

Lange T, Perras B, Fehm HL, Born J. Rest improves the individual antibody response to hepatitis A vaccination. Psychosom Med. 2003;65:831–835

But to keep on track, I will concentrate on the connection between sleep and the immunity. It is also commonsense that rest is extremely adaptive and it is modified throughout illness. We feel drowsy, lethargic if we are ill!

Infection raises the levels of cytokines, immu-nomodulating agents (molecules) that take part, amongst other things, in the regulating sleep and also the discharge of neurotransmitters in the brain.

I stumbled upon a lot of studies showing T-cells going down if we are sleep deprived and several others showing inflammatory cytokines increasing and It seems like science is slowly beginning to understand how infection induces sleep changes, but not why it remains unknown why sleep is altered during sickness.

In a really summarized way, Basically, lack of sleep suppresses immune system function and there is an understanding that sleep repairs our bodies and everybody knows how good it feels after a good night sleep.

Makes sense to me that it must be our immune system promoting recovery.

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