Cancer cures, cancer therapy and alternative cancer treatments

Yes, about Cancer cures, cancer therapy and alternative cancer treatments. I should start with a disclaimer here by saying that it is neither my intention in any way to recommend or propose any type of cure nor to start any kind of movement pro or against anything.

However, I have lost too many close friends and family member because we didn’t know any better. We were born after all this had been well covered up and I believe anyone should have the chance to try some other way since the “official” means of Cancer cures are not working anyway.

Yes, it looks like the cure for cancer has been discovered long while ago but for wild capitalism reasons it has been also kept down ever since.

Personally I feel compelled to share my curiosity and give my readers here the chance of at least be aware of all possible Cancer cures, cancer therapy and alternative cancer treatments.

Sending people home to die, while there are potential cures out there seems to me worse than the holocaust!

Learn that people fought and dedicated their lives to spreading the word and indeed helped a lot of people.i am sure, if anyone had the chance to avoid those three options we (legally) have available these days, they would.

Surgery is most effective in very early stages, chemotherapy and radiotherapy curiously are carcinogenic too! making us wonder if the treatment isn't as dangerous as the disease itself..

I invite you to watch the video bellow. After watching it, I was so shocked and honestly, I can’t help spreading the word.

Watch it and judge it for yourself. Share with friends and please, feel free to like us on Facebook!

just keep in mind, this is a website about the immune system but also we have the commitment to talk about ways to boost it, health problems directly related to it and alternatives to the so called "conventional" treatments.