How to boost immune system ? how about strengthening immune system?

To think of how to boost immune system, implies that it can be altered. Right?

Right! We’ve seem that it can be malfunctioning and several diseases are out there! So if it can be suppressed, it can also be improved, boosted…

The skeptical people would probably think this is not possible or that "how to boost immune system" is a silly statement since it is… Well, a system – therefore, it consists of different entities (in this case organs, cells and tissues) working together like a fine tuned orchestra performing at its best and boosting or strengthening the immune system are not possible.

We hear and see lots of advertisements and promises to boost immune system but what is myth and what’s reality?

Fact: your defenses can be lowered in so many ways, and if only one of the organs is not working properly for any given reason, it is enough to cause issues and, therefore, fluctuations are a fact!

If it can move back and forth or up and down, weaken and be restored, naturally it can receive some support and even be “boosted”. So we can boost immune system!

We must consider the concepts: Innate Immunity and Acquired Immunity, Immunologic Memory because it depends on which one we are talking about.

If we think “Innate Immunity” we should relate it to a “restore” or make it work as it is supposed to or

“strengthening the immune system” - let’s recall the fact that each organ has its specific role to play. To do so, they need to have enough and proper fuel, such as vitamins or whatever resources they need to restore it to its full performance.

Now, if we think Acquired Immunity and Immunologic Memory then we can consider the term

“boosting the immune system” - and I don’t mean “to cause the organs to work overtime” or to cause the immune system to over-react. A definition would imply… to provide it with additional (immune) information. Just like if you needed to push your car: it’s hard to do it alone but with a few other people’s help it’s a lot easier.

That is what happens, for instance, when you recover from a disease and build antibodies. That’s to say, it provides extra immune information that didn’t exist before.

In general, we can strengthen the body's natural defenses (that's when the "how to boost immune system" comes to play) through diet, exercise and avoiding of stress. Also, “the system” keeps a database which can be worked on.

I have accumulated a considerable amount of information, articles, videos, etc. I am presently going through all of that again and summarizing to make it available here. Feel free to come back and check for updates.

Steps on how to boost immune system

how to boost immune system - There are several factors that affect immunity and therefore a good use of these features helps to boost the immune system. Here are some of the things you can do for the... strengthening immune system and get it back on track.

Reducing stress levels Stress of all kinds: physical, emotional, mental and social has been shown to have an effect on the immune system of animals and humans, in the same way that causes weakening of the same.
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or click here for Tips on how to Reduce Stress

Sleep Better: we all agree that sleep and immune system are closely related! Sleep is essential for us, because it provides rest for the brain. Along with that, sleep is necessary to repair the wear of the muscles and renew the whole system for better performance. That’s common sense. Click here for more on Sleep and Immune System.

Diet and the Immune System are closely related: It has been said “the immune system army marches on its stomach”. Science and common sense show that good diet helps to keep the immunity up to date. Click here for more on Diet and the Immune System
and here you can find extra tips on diet for immunity!

Immune system and vitamins are also strongly related. The lack of vitamins along with hereditary factors and / or diseases such as Aids and diabetes, emotional imbalances such as depression and stress, obesity, an unbalanced nutrition etc. can seriously affect your immunity.

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